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"How can I make a donation?"

Easy! just click here for a printable donation form


"I'd like to do something but I really don't have much time."

Volunteers fit in what they can do for us around the time they have available, so whatever little you can do will be a great help to us.


"I could help with driving but I wouldn't like to do long journeys"

Drivers are always wanted for all sorts of journeys, so if you only want to do local journeys, that’s fine.


"I'm not very able myself but I'd like to help in any way I can."

Any requests for help fit in with the availability and ability of volunteers, so we would make sure that anything we asked of you was within your ability.


"Could you use an amateur gardener?"

Most definitely! We do not undertake ‘heavy’ gardening, but we do like to be able to help with weeding, potting, tidying up,etc.


"I'm not in a position to volunteer but would like to make a donation"

We are very grateful for one-off donations or if you would like to make a regular contribution we run a Gift Aid Scheme. Please speak to the co-ordinator for more details.


"I don't live in Southwold or Reydon but would like to help"

We have volunteers from all around our area - Southwold, Reydon, Walberswick, Wangford, Wrentham, Frostenden, Uggeshall - it means we can match volunteers to people in their locality.


"I'd like to do some driving but have a bad back so I can't help with any lifting etc"

No problem; we will make sure that we only ask you to do journeys that do not involve this.


"I'm new to the area and would like to do some driving but don't know my way around"

We have a local map which we give to all new drivers. For other journeys we have a wealth of maps to cover all areas we go to and these are available to all drivers who need them.

Call 01502 724549

If no one is in the office, just leave a message. We pick up messages every day and we'll get back to you as soon as we can

...or drop in and see us at the Stella Peskett Millennium Hall, Mights Road, Southwold IP18 6BE

Telephone: 01502 724549

Open Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.

or to email, click here


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